A Decentralized Ecommerce Ecosystem

Creating 100+ Million Jobs Worldwide

Democratizing Wealth Distribution

What is Vodi X?

Vodi is an extraordinarily successful and award-winning all-in-one mobile platform boasting 5+ million users in over 200 countries and is tokenizing its ecosystem by launching Vodi X. Vodi X complements the already vibrant existing Vodi platform with the use of blockchain technology and earning opportunities for Vodi users.

Vodi X will partner with Vodi to create millions of jobs on a global scale through Phase 1 (Vodi Microtask) and Phase 2 (Vodi dApp Ecosystem) of development.

Partners That Believe In


  • XiaoChen Zhang

    Global Strategic Partnerships


  • Richard Wang

    Investor Relations and Global Business Development

    Draper Dragon

  • Jeremy Khoo

    Blockchain Strategies

    Blockchain Development Strategies

  • Amarpreet Singh

    Business Development

    Digi Block Pte Ltd

  • Ong Jun Hao

    Marketing Strategies

    BlockConnectors Pte Ltd

Core Team

  • Darren Lu

    Founder & CEO

  • Tanya Parus

    Director of Business Dev. & Partner Management

  • Kevin Tran

    Sr. Director of Infrastructure & Technology

  • Thao Tran

    Application Development Lead

  • Indigo Glaze

    Global Marketing Manager

  • Alexander Richards

    Business Development (Korea)

  • Jerry Jung

    Chief Software Architect


  • Q4
    (Oct. - Dec.)

    Core Team & Advisor Buildout

  • Q1
    (Jan. - Mar.)

    White Paper Development

  • Q2
    (Apr. - Jun.)

    Established a marketing presence - Website, social-media, etc

  • Q3
    (Jul. - Sep.)

    Continued to develop team and partnerships

  • Q4
    (Oct. - Dec.)

    Started development of smart contracts

  • Q1
    (Jan. - Mar.)

    Complete Full Smart Contract into Vodi Platform, tested

    Launch Micro-task

  • Q4
    (Oct. - Dec.)

    Start test of Micro-task within the present Vodi Mobile Application involving flow of use (not including token exchange)

  • Q3
    (Jul. - Sep.)

    Vodi X Wallet and core functionality implementation

    Bounty Token KYC & Distribution

  • Q2
    (Apr. - Jun.)

    Complete Development of Vodi Micro-task Proof of Concept

  • Q1
    (Jan. - Mar.)

    Launched Bounty Program

  • Q2
    (Apr. - Jun.)

    Develop and Further Customize Vodi Application

    Transition Vodi Micro-task onto the Blockchain

  • Q3
    (Jul. - Sep.)

    Prepaid GPR Card/ Crypto to Fiat Solution

    Money Remittance Services to 10+ Additional Countries

  • Q4
    (Oct. - Dec.)

    Launch of Vodi X Ecosystem on Blockchain (Vodi dApp Ecosystem)

    Launch of Vodi X Protocol

    Target of 750K Vodeers and 25+ Vodiants

  • Q1
    (Jan. - Mar.)

    Ecosystem Build out: Collaborate with strategic partners to offer more services as well as shopping opportunities within the Vodi App

  • Q4
    (Oct. - Dec.)

    Target of 2 million active Vodeers and 100+ Vodiants

Vodi X (VDX) Token Sale Recap

IEO Price in USD per Token: 0.01

IEO on Bittrex International

VDX is Listed On


  • What is Vodi?

    Vodi is an active, successful, and award-winning mobile platform. Essentially, Vodi is a one-stop-shop for mobile financial services with a mission to give back to its users. Product offerings on the Vodi mobile app includes money transfer, prepaid mobile recharge (top-ups) and eGift cards alongside with powerful communication tools. What makes Vodi so great is the requestability feature within the Vodi chat conversation. Sending money overseas is as easy as the requester asking the sender right within the chat, thereby autopopulating the information needed from the requester making the money transfer so simple. Users can also request eGift cards from brands you love in the U.S. and more than 15 other countries and mobile recharges just as simply. Giving back to its users through the rewards system by is called Vodi Points. Users are rewarded with Vodi Points for making purchases in the app, completing activities like sending a text and by browsing videos and surveys and more! Vodi points can be used within the app towards purchases of Vodi's available product offerings.

  • What is Vodi X?

    The Vodi mobile platform is tokenizing its ecosystem by launching Vodi X. Vodi X consists of two-phases. Phase one will be utilizing the Vodi platform to leverage on the blockchain and smart contract technology bringing about the Vodi Micro-tasking, a decentralized solution that will open up income opportunities for all Vodi users. The next phase, phase two would focus on the use of the Vodi Decentralized App (dApp) Ecosystem, to enable other dApps and apps to plug into the Vodi ecosystem, enjoying access to Vodi’s presently 5 million users (estimated to be 100 million by 2022).

  • When will the Vodi X token (VDX) be useable?

    When Vodi X is listed, the token will then be tradeable. The utility function will follow as we progress further down our technical roadmap.

  • What will the Vodi X token symbol be?

    We are calling the Vodi X utility token VDX.

  • What is micro-tasking?

    Micro-tasking is defined as Human Intelligence Tasks (HITS) broken down into micro (small) tasks that can be completed within seconds to minutes. Internet companies, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, eBay and LinkedIn optimize their production ready solutions and enhance their AI model training with micro task worker.

  • Why can't I find Vodi X on the Vodi mobile application?

    The Vodi X project is coming soon and will be available on the Vodi mobile app as one of the carousel "buttons/tabs" on the home page.

  • Who is the founder, core team, and advisors?

    The founder of Vodi X is Darren Lu, a graduate of Harvard University and entrepreneur. He has over a decade of experience in the telecom industry making the present partnerships with other telecoms for mobile top-ups highly valuable. Vodi X has a strong team of over 40 employees, advisors, legal representatives, development professionals, and consultants.

  • What is the difference between a centralized app and a decentralized app?

    Centralized means all of the power of planning and decision making are exclusively in the hands of the app owner. On the other hand, Decentralization refers to the dissemination of powers by the app owner and leaves more power at the user and client level.

  • How much is each VDX token?

    Each VDX token is $0.01 USD.

  • When will I be able to trade my VDX tokens?

    VDX will open for trade on May 22, 2019 at 23:00 GMT/UTC on Bittrex International. Do if you bought VDX on Bittrex, you’ll be able to trade them.
    If you earned VDX through the bounty program, your VDX will be available in the Vodi app around mid-August.

  • What will the token price be after the initial listing?

    The token price will be determined by the market (all VDX holders) and cannot be determined by us or any exchange.
    The listing price in solely created by the VDX token holders. We have every intention of moving through our roadmap and creating project success.

  • Did presale and seed get a lower price than the IEO?

    No, the IEO is the lowest price the VDX token has ever been.

  • What happens to unsold tokens?

    Any unsold tokens will be burned. The burn of the unsold tokens will remove them from the supply, adding more value to each token held by token holders (IEO participants).

  • Is Vodi X listing on any other exchanges like Upbit or other popular exchanges?

    We intend on listing our token on many other exchanges. Please follow our social media and website to be up to date.

  • What is Vodi X's mission?

    The mission of Vodi X is to create millions of jobs worldwide and provide a fair and equal way for individuals to earn wealth.

  • Vodi X is a great project. Why did you choose to do IEO on Bittrex?

    After searching for an exchange platform for roughly 6 months, we found Bittrex fit our targeted global demographics; therefore we created our partnership with Bittrex in April of 2019.

  • What is the utility of the token?

    VDX Token Utility Starting Q3 2019

    1. You can use the VDX within Vodi (mobile app) as a payment method for products and services
    2. Starting Q1 2020, Vodi users will be able to send and receive VDX to and from each other
    3. Micro-tasking (Phase 1); VDX will be used for staking and payouts to Vodeers & Vodiants
    4. dApp/App (Phase 2); VDX will be used as payment method

  • Why did you decide on this tokenomics structure?

    We compared many tokenomic structures of previous IEO’s. We found the range of token availability at the time of their IEO to be between 6-18%, in which the higher the percentage the better for the VDX buyer. We chose 22% (35% if we include seed and private rounds) to be as favorable as possible to our token buyer.