Vodi X | Reaching The Unbanked

March 20, 2019

There are many issues with the traditional, centralized banking systems but the greatest of these is the exclusivity. Many people are left unable to interact with the world outside their small ecosystem due to the lack of banking infrastructure. According to the new Global Findex database, only 41% of adults in the developing world have bank accounts.  Also statistically, 27% of the population suffer from a lack of adequate financial institutions. There are obvious reasons for under banking, such as a lack of physical bank branches due to security concerns or lack of market, as an example. But some of the less obvious reasons may include a cornered market by paycheck cashing services, restrictive rogue and gang military activity, and an extremely high-fee barrier of entry. Blockchain technology provides unique solutions to many of these problems, but the solutions are entirely limited by global Internet usage penetration, which sits at around 55% worldwide. 

Vodi X believes in changing much of that. We want to reduce the hassle and inefficiency through our decentralized e-commerce ecosystem which has true potential to create 100+ million jobs worldwide and democratizes wealth distribution. The Vodi X project opens doors to the unbanked communities and enables them to exchange value for value on the blockchain.

Technology has continued to improve drastically over the years, but there is still an ever-growing need for human interaction in order for technology to advance. Humans have the ability to be more effective than computers, when it comes to such things as moderating content, researching, and human beings having to do the initial identifications. In the past, these micro-tasks were accomplished through large temporary workforces. Which is not only time consuming but also very expensive. With the Vodi X project, which will added onto our existing active mobile application Vodi, housing over 4.5 million users in over 200 countries and growing.  These Vodi users are anxious to earn money, points, rewards and the addition of Vodi X tokens (VDX) aims to expand the opportunity for all. This will be the first phase of the Vodi X project where micro-task workers will complete tasks in exchange for VDX tokens. These tokens will be able to be used to interact with the Vodi platform through global money transfers, virtual gift cards, prepaid mobile phone recharge, and also a robust voting platform. 

Vodi seeks to give those without a voice an all in one platform to communicate and better interact with the world around them. As Vodi X moves into Phase 2, our dApp ecosystem will take shape. This will allow developers to create blockchain applications that expand upon Vodi’s already booming ecosystem simply by connecting through API's. The expansion of many other apps and dApps will increase the ecosystem to offer more services, more products, and more features that will all benefit the active Vodi user. Vodi X will be a game changer for both the developing world and micro-tasking technology. Partner with us in creating a better future.

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