Vodi X Bounty & 50,000 New Users in 48 Hours!

March 6, 2019

On March 4th we successfully launched our Bounty Program for the Vodi X project, and in the matter of 2 days we have garnished over 50,000 new users!

This is a great news for the Vodi ecosystem! We are happy to see our community engagement have such a great kick-off and look forward to growing it with even more adoption. The Vodi X network effect is in full stride and from this data we see that new VDX coin holders believe in its initiatives.

The team is looking forward to what the future holds and want to say thank you to all who have been involved in spreading the word about our vision.

Vodi X can give benefit and true value to its users through decentralized e-commerce by leveraging crypto payments, e-gifts cards, micro-tasking, and value added services.

VODI X would like to reward you for believing in us! The Bounty Program users are able to earn VDX for simple tasks such as subscribing to our social media outlets, downloading the Vodi app, and following the Medium blog. Each user is able to earn up to 120 VDX for just spreading the word about the project.

Cheers to a great start!

With more than 7,000,000 VDX up for grabs there is still plenty of time to earn VDX!

Check out our Bounty Program and start earning VDX today: https://bounty.vodix.io

Join the conversation: https://t.me/Vodixgroup

Stay up to date: https://twitter.com/vodi_app

Learn more: https://vodix.io

Download Vodi: https://vodi.io

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