Initial Exchange Offer of Vodi X on Bittrex International

May 16, 2019

About the IEO 

We are excited and proud to announce the launch of our Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on Bittrex International! Our IEO will begin on the May 21st, 2019 at 14:00 GMT/UTC. 

Our Initial Exchange Offering will have 450,000,000 VDX (Vodi X Tokens) available for purchase, comprising 22.5% of our Token Supply. VDX will be sold at the price of approximately $0.01 per token, with the price to be set in BTC within 24 hours of the IEO launch. 

Vodi X IEO Sale Page:

About Vodi X
Vodi X is positioned on the already widely adopted mobile payments application, Vodi, boasting 5+ million users in over 200 countries. Vodi X is building a creatively gamified platform - Phase 1; leveraging the use of smart contracts, conveniently available on any smartphone and easily accessible through the Vodi mobile application. Vodi X seeks to create millions of income opportunities for Vodi users (Vodeers) around the world to earn cryptocurrency (VDX) by doing small tasks (micro-tasks). The users of the present Vodi app already excitedly perform small tasks to earn loyalty and reward points (Vodi Points) so they can apply points to purchases right on Vodi; such as eGift cards, mobile recharges (top-ups) and international long-distance calling plans. These points are easy to earn on Vodi, just send a money transfer, buy a top-up, even chat or call your loved ones using the app, and Vodi points are applied immediately.

The high demand of users seeking to earn Vodi Points in return for these tasks brought about the birth of Vodi X. The Vodi X Project was created in response to the growing need for a fair, level playing field for microworkers and AI Machine Learning Companies. The need for HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) for the training of AI is vast and current solutions distribute wealth at an incomparably low rate. Vodi X seeks to take this working model of simple earning by doing small tasks and transition it over to the blockchain; Therefore, creating a powerful, decentralized ability to earn income and interact with others.  Vodi X seeks to eradicate this with a decentralized solution with the use of blockchain (Vodi Micro-Task - Phase 1). This allows a value for value exchange paid out in VDX between the Vodeers (workers) and Vodiants (companies). As Vodeers (workers) complete tasks determined by the Vodiants (companies) they are able to gain higher tiers with greater payouts. This model functions using smart contract technology that validates the completed tasks as well as payouts. 
Pull back the curtain for Phase 2 of the Vodi X project as the addition of hundreds of dApps and Apps looking to easily plug into the Vodi ecosystem and offer their services or products to the already present 5+ million users of Vodi (estimated to be 100+ million users by 2020) can connect through an API. Thus, continuously creating an additional expansion of product and service offerings to users conveniently within the Vodi mobile app.
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