VDX Token Swap FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Migration of VDX ERC20 to BEP-2.


  • What is a token swap?

    A token swap allows users to migrate from one token type to another. In our case users will be able to migrate from VDX ERC20 to VDX BEP-2.

  • Why do you have two token types?

    We believe in adding the most value to our Token holders. VDX migrating to the Binance Chain has been a popular request from our holder/users.

  • What does this mean for users on Bittrex International, Upbit, and BiKi?

    Users on Bittrex International, Upbit, and BiKi will have the option to convert to VDX BEP-2 or continue to hold VDX ERC20. The circulating supply between the two tokens will remain the same.

  • Does this mean the Circulating Supply of VDX is going to increase?

    No! We will not be minting more tokens. We will be migrating a portion of our ERC20 VDX to BEP2 and allowing our token holders to swap tokens at a 1 to 1 ratio if they wish to!

  • What is the difference between Binance and Binance Dex?

    Binance DEX is the Binance decenteralized exchange. This means the users hold their private keys and not the exchange. Binance is a centeralized exchange where the exchange holds your funds as a custodian.

  • How does the ERC20 to BEP2 token swap work?

    We will have a portal on our website using BNB bridge to allow our users to send their ERC20 tokens in exchange for BEP2 tokens. We will have further information as well as tutorials coming soon!

  • How do I swap my VDX ERC20 to VDX BEP-2?